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Wizard Of Oz Handmade Nesting Doll 5-Piece Babushka Stacking Set - 4 inches tall

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The nesting doll features hand painted original characters of the legendary 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz”.   The 1939 MGM movie "Wizard of Oz" was one of the first 3 strip technicolor movies filmed by MGM. The film is now part of Hollywood and American history.  Technicolor movies were immensely complex to film - complex scenes from The Wizard of Oz movie often took 9 separate cameras filming to capture the vivid colors and images featured in this classic movie.  The most famous character of the American classic "Wizard of Oz" is "Dorothy" played by legendary Judy Garland.  The smallest doll may feature the Witch or Toto.

This is a highly collectible nesting doll set because it features the original characters in the original costumes.  Did you know that the "Cowardly Lion" lion costume suit worn actor Bert Lahr weighed more than 100 pounds! 

This nesting doll is a great and a memorable gift for anyone.  Carefully open the largest doll to reveal other pieces of this authentic and unique collection.

Quantities are very limited.

Materials: lime wood, water-based paint, clear lacquer.

The largest doll is about 4"- 4.5" tall.