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Princess 7 Piece Handmade and Hand-Painted Nesting Doll

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1.35 LBS


Exclusive Quality 7 Piece Nesting Doll.

The Frog Princess may be the most famous Russian fairy tale in Russia. The elder Czar wished to see his sons married. He ordered each one of them to shoot an arrow and look for a bride at the place of its landing. The youngest son's arrow fell into a swamp. Prince Ivan's quest for a bride is captured and painted on the largest matryoshka doll.  Each piece of this exclusive quality set is painted based on the Russian folk tale of Frog Princess.  The largest doll stands about 8" tall. The nesting doll set features a great combination of vibrant colors and fine details throughout. Traditional colors and the famous Russian folk tale make this babushka doll a very special one-of-a-kind gift.   The entire doll is painted on front and back. The gorgeous flower blooms on the back are outlined with embellished golden trim.

Patterns and design details vary due to the fact that every set is hand painted and is one-of-a-kind.

Quantities are very limited. This doll is signed in Cyrillic on the bottom by the artist.

Materials: lime wood, water based paint, lacquer.
The largest nesting doll is about 8"H