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Handmade and Hand-Painted Wooden Love You Apple Souvenir Box

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0.70 LBS


This stunning and unique keepsake box was handmade and hand painted by one of our best artists. Shaped like a very large apple it features tender blooms of spring flowers all the way around the box. The romantic message "I love you" that is embossed with gold leaf in the front of the apple box makes it a very special gift.  The artist used tiny brushes and magnifying glass to paint this wonderful piece of art. This box does not have a hinge. The exterior has many details painted in contrasting colors that shine through the rich coat of glossy lacquer. The keepsake box has enough room inside to keep your things safe.  

Colors, patterns and sizes of the box may vary slightly due to the fact that this item is hand crafted.

Materials: wooden box, tempera paint, clear lacquer.
This box is about 6.5"H x 4.5"W x 4.5"L