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Fedoskino Style Lacquer Boxes

"Fedoskino" is the modern name for the Old Russian town of Danilkovo, in the Moscow Oblast, about 20 miles due North from Moscow city. Fedoskino lacquer boxes and lacquer miniatures have been handmade here for nearly 3 centuries. The Fedoskino style of lacquer box was perfected here. These lacquer boxes have earned worldwide recognition for their high level of workmanship, detailed painting, realism, and perfection in art of miniature and fine painting.

Since each Fedoskino lacquer box is 100% handmade and hand painted, every true Fedoskino lacquer box is unique and highly sought after by collectors. The painting on the lacquer boxes is completed with various mixed oil paints and painted with extreme skill, patience and care.  Many of the very fine Fedoskino lacquer boxes may take more than 1 year to complete!  Today in Russia, various local art guilds and universities maintain extensive multi-year training programs which pass on the art of making fine Fedoskino lacquer boxes to a handful of interested Russian artists and artisans.

The past 20 years has been the “Golden Era” of Fedoskino lacquer boxes. Artists today are free to paint historical soviet styles, and even earlier designs. Further, the opening of Russia has increased awareness and demand for these truly unique pieces. If these boxes are kept in excellent condition, the Fedoskino lacquer boxes dramatically increase in value over time, as the pieces become rarer and more difficult to find. Fedoskino boxes are also unique in that they often feature other exceptionally famous Russian works of art from artists like Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin and others.

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