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Fedoskino Lacquer Box Young Lady

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0.45 LBS


Fedoskino Style Painting.  Russian Artist: "Sukhareva."

"Fedoskino" is the modern name for the Old town of Danilkovo, in the Moscow Oblast, about 20 miles due North from Moscow city. Fedoskino lacquer boxes and lacquer miniatures have been handmade here for over 300 years. Over this time, artists, artisans and universities perfected the Fedoskino style lacquer box. These lacquer boxes have earned worldwide recognition for their high level of workmanship, detailed painting, realism, and precision miniature and fine painting.  This box features one of the most famous scenes; a countryside girl collecting water at the village well, with admiring locals looking on.

The box measures: 2.5"L x 2"W x 0.75"H
Materials: Hardened paper-mache, tempera paint, clear lacquer, inlaid mother-of-pearl, foil, hinge.