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Gold Lief Nesting Dolls

Gold Lief Nesting Dolls

Posted by Irina on 19th Aug 2019

Hello everyone,

This is a short blog post to illustrate and describe some details regarding nesting doll craftsmanship.  

We often get questions about gold lief and the detailed nesting doll painting.  Gold lief refers to inlaid gold foil that is placed on many nesting dolls to literally make them shine and stand out.  The gold lief is inlaid and placed on the nesting dolls as a finishing touch just prior to lacquering the nesting dolls.  The nesting dolls below are some of our very newest items and they are excellent examples of how artisans use gold lief on nesting dolls. 

In the image below, you can easily see the fine details of the gold lief trim applied to all of the nesting dolls.  This is a unique feature of the nesting dolls we obtain from Russia that you will not see in many other common nesting dolls. 

These nesting dolls are also feature a hand-signed painted signature on the bottom of the largest doll.  

As you can see by these images that I've taken and posted here, these nesting dolls stand out much more than the common hand-painted nesting dolls.  Gold lief details certainly add a touch of excellence and detail to these nesting dolls.  Please write anytime with questions or add comments to this blog post below using your Disqus account.