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10 Piece Nesting Dolls

Ten piece nesting dolls

Ten piece nesting dolls are another progressive step up in uniqueness, design and workmanship when compared to smaller or inexpensive nesting dolls. Most 10 piece dolls cross over into the category of truly unique one of kind Russian collectible gifts. Nearly all of these dolls are hand-signed by the artist. The “10 pieces” give the artists and painters the ability to combine a story telling element into the doll. Many of these dolls will feature famous Russian children’s stories, Russian fairy tales and other famous scenes from Russian works of art. If you want to make a lasting lifelong impression when selecting a gift, consider some of our truly unique and authentic designs. We hand-pick all of these nesting dolls from the artists and designers in Russia. They are inspected and certified by the Ministry of Culture in the Russian Federation as approved for export. We also re-inspect these items once we receive them in Arizona before we list then on our website. Finally, we re-inspect the dolls and second time before we ship them to you to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Many nesting dolls in this category are complemented with an official Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing that the dolls are authentic,  handmade Russian crafts. These dolls will make a lifelong impression on anyone and are suitable to pass on to many generations of children and grandchildren.